Live in Mumbai

When Bauchklang made their first venture into India in February 2008, they were completely unknown there. Which changed quickly after performing three consecutive nights at the newly opened "Blue Frog" club in Mumbai to raving reviews of the local press.

On the third night, while hundreds of people queued up outside the club, an ecstatic crowd of music lovers, party people, and the Bollywood set of famous musicians and film makers had the time of their life, as two true masters of percussion joined Bauchklang on stage: Zakir Hussein and Toufiq Qureshi. This night earned them the "Indiecision Best Gig International Award" for the best Indian live performance in 2008.

Bauchklang had certainly found a new home in the hearts and ears of the Mumbai-ites, only to return a year later to the Bluefrog, which now is India's premier live venue, and to perform there for three sold-out nights.

This first ever live album of Bauchklang features a selection of the tracks performed on these three nights, including two impromptu sessions with Indian artists: one with the young and gifted singer Shilpa Rao, and the other one with renown percussionist and electronic music composer Vivek Rajagopalan.